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The Greyhound Inn

The Greyhound Inn


A restaurant situated in the heart of one of Hampshire’s most beautiful locations has harnessed nature’s technology to make their drains beautiful too.

The Greyhound Inn, which sits just metres away from the River Test, one of the best trout fishing rivers in Europe, installed a revolutionary drain management system developed by hygiene and cleaning specialist Chemex two years ago.

The team at the restaurant made the decision to fit the Bio GD drain management system after the pub’s drains were blocked by grease and fat deposits, risking flooding of the car park and possible contamination of the river.

Head chef Norelle Oberin said the system, which uses friendly bacteria delivered through a simple dosing system to effectively eat away the fat and grease, had solved the problem rapidly.

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“We have a restaurant with 70 covers as well as seven rooms so we generate a fair amount of washing up each day,” she said.

“The grease and fat this produced was washed out into the drains and caused blockages that were impossible to identify until they caused a problem.”

“We already worked with Chemex on a weekly basis to supply our cleaning products and Stephen Crinks, our local representative, stepped in to recommend the system for our main drain and combi oven”

“The installation was simple and straightforward, taking less than a day and caused the minimum disruption and since then the running of the system has been seamless”

“We’ve met the requirements of the Environmental Health Officers as well as eradicating smells from the drains, making our job easier and creating an even better environment for our customers.”

Chemex’s Stephen Crinks said the system used similar processes as those used in making wine and bread to tackle grease and fat build ups, with no harmful chemicals.

“Drains clogging up is a common problem for restaurants as the washing up deposits the fat into the drains and blocks them,” he said.

“And because it’s all taking place underground it’s impossible to see it happening until the drain backs up.”

“The impact can be massive, with leaks of sewage and waste water which is incredibly unpleasant and can force the venue to close, damaging its reputation and impacting on custom.”

“The Bio GD drain management system is a great solution and long term is far more cost effective than the clean-up operation blocked drains can cause.”