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Why Choose Chemex?

 A well established business

  • With 25 years history you can be confident you are joining a well-established, proven concept.

International operations in Europe, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and North America

Europe’s largest franchised chemical distribution network

  • A unique business that continues to grow.

BFA Awards – Franchisor of the Year

  • Demonstrating the franchise industry’s recognition of our ability to guide our franchise partners successfully and ethically.

A board with more than 75 years of franchising experience

  • Offering a wealth of practical ability to guide you in the successful development of your own business.

Tried, tested and trusted system

  • Your business is geared for growth through well honed training and continuing support.

High quality products to our unique specifications

  • Customers around the world have come to rely on Chemex when hygiene really matters.

Businesses NEED our products

  • You supply necessities, not luxuries, on a repeat basis.

The simplicity of a van based operation

  • A mobile business keeps your start up costs and overheads low and makes the ambition of owning your own business closer than you think.

The ability to work on your business, not in your business

  • The path to growth involves in any business involves hard work but with Chemex you can grow from a single van to a multi-van managed operation. Single van operators can and do produce £200,000+ revenues each year but for some the challenge of building a multi-van, managed operation is irresistible.

A dedicated customer service team is at the end of the phone for advice

  • So you can be sure if you have any queries head office will work hard to find you a solution.

Our key accounts team is in place to help build sales around the country

  • Our franchisees are now working with prestigious clients including NHS Trusts, Michelin-starred restaurants and healthcare companies – customers won by Chemex on behalf of our franchise partners.

Our main market sectors are governed by legislation

  • The burden of legislation for many of our customers is ever-increasing and ever more stringent. This means higher hygiene standards for clients – which suits our product range – and more profit for you as you guide your customers and help them comply.

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