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This section is designed to provide some quick answers to your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or clarification.

Q1: Can I make a good living?

Many of our franchisees already do! If you are ready to work harder than you have ever worked before, you could build a successful business. Like any business venture this requires your total commitment. And if you want to build a multi-van operation you could earn much more than a single operator. Any business venture involves risk, but greater risk generally means greater rewards.

Q2: How much does the franchise cost?

The cost of a Chemex franchise starts from £23,500 plus VAT.

Additional costs include initial stock and the lease or purchase of a suitable vehicle.

Q3: What kind of training will I get?

The training of new franchisees starts with an induction course at our head office in the West Midlands. We normally have only 2 or 3 people on our training course at any one time. The course lasts 2 weeks followed by further training in the field. You will cover all aspects of operating the business including territory management, product knowledge, stock ordering, book keeping, sales & marketing, business administration and credit control. If you expand your business we will also train your staff without any additional training fees.

Ongoing training opportunities are also available following your initial induction course.

Q4: What support do you provide for your franchisees?

The support offered by Chemex continues throughout your career as a franchisee. Whether you need advice on how to develop your business or help with a particular product, support is always available. We have a team of dedicated support managers in the field. You are not alone and our proven business system has set many franchisees on the path to success.

Q5: What do I get when I join?

Our franchise package includes everything you need to start your business. We include all your stationery, a complete pack of accessories and a comprehensive operations manual with a documented training schedule.

Our mobile showrooms are fitted with a 240v power supply to power the laptop computer we provide as part of the package including accounts and CRM software with full details of the product range.

Initial stock is also provided as well as the ‘Chemex Technology Kit’.

Q6: Can I operate more than one van?

Of course, multi-van operations are strongly encouraged and staff will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Q7: What other ongoing costs are there?

You will need to provide your own business and mobile phone line, fuel for your vehicle and insurances (and we can introduce you to competitive brokers). An ongoing royalty fee will also be incurred.

Q8: Can I speak to existing franchisees?

This is an integral part of our recruitment process.

Q9: What kind of marketing support will I get?

Like any franchise you are responsible for your own local marketing efforts. That said, we do provide you with the tools for your marketing campaigns, from leaflets to point-of sale materials and teach you how to showcase the bespoke Chemex tools which differentiate you from your competition.

Q10: How can I expand my business?

Generally a single van operation can turnover up to £300,000, above this you would wish to consider a second vehicle. Chemex can help you with this phase of your business development.

Q11: How soon can I be in business?

The selection process, business planning and training course is likely to take around two or three months.

Q12: How carefully do you select franchisees?

Very carefully! The success of our network relies upon your success and therefore we consider each application in detail.

Q13: What if there is no available territory near where I live?

First of all, don’t be put off. There may be a resale opportunity available nearby. With over 25 years of history behind us some of our franchisees are considering realising their investment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Q14: What do I do next?

To find out more about us simply fill out the form or just pick up the phone and ask to speak to a member of our team on 0121 565 6300. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure.