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First Impressions

Who we are looking for:

Setting up any business needs energy, enthusiasm and a desire to succeed.

The only place where ‘success’ comes before ‘work’ is in the dictionary and it’s no different when considering a Chemex franchise.

The partners we seek will deal with a broad client base so interpersonal skills and empathy are vital as they form the foundations of your customer relationships and future expansion. You should be a ‘people person’ with good communication skills and a keen desire to build a successful business.

We will support you in building your own stable and profitable business. We provide comprehensive training to ensure that you can deliver the highest standards of customer service both today and in the future. A good franchisor will identify your strengths and weaknesses and work with you on your personal development plan.

We are not necessarily looking for sales people (although a background in sales helps); we are looking for relationship builders, people who consistently deliver what they promise to their customer to a consistently high standard.

Such people exist in many walks of life; it is noteworthy that our top franchisees include a former mining engineer, a hotelier, a farmer and a postman. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure.