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The Process

The Crinks at BFA Awards

Is Chemex right for you?

When you first express an interest in a Chemex franchise we take you through a process. Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will become the BFA franchisee of the year, it is certainly designed to establish whether the business is suited to you or not. As with any relationship, it is important that both parties understand what they will receive and what they can offer each other.

As a past winner of the British Franchise Association’s prestigious Franchisor of the Year award, we understand better than most that going into business for can be a daunting prospect.

The openness of our directors means that all of your questions will be met with straightforward, no-nonsense answers aimed at providing you with a clear picture of what will be required.

All the Information

Chemex will give you a full overview of our franchise business, its services, products and business methods. We will also give you direct access to our full Head Office team to fully outline the ways in which we can support franchisees. The initial meeting will be followed by further meetings to give you even greater detail. During this time you will also be in contact with our franchise partners learning about the challenges and benefits of running your own business first hand. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure. As an established, reputable franchisor we also have impeccable relationships with the major banks active in franchising and will help you put your financial projections together for them. Another part of the process is to meet with your future field support manager to discuss your territory and the opportunities it holds.


Over this period, we will evaluate you to ensure that the right skill sets, personality and strengths are in place to help you succeed, just as you will evaluate us to ensure this is the right opportunity for you.

Setting up in business is probably one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. It is essential that we all make the right decision. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure.

Each potential franchisee will need to produce a business plan that reflects their own financial position and understanding of the Chemex opportunity. Chemex is highly rated with the high street banks and as such your application will be viewed positively.