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What Next?

Before you decide to join Chemex we want you to gain a real insight into our business: how we work, who our customers are and most importantly, how you might fit into our network. We want you to be 100% certain of your commitment to succeed with us.

In order to find out more about us and to receive our franchise recruitment prospectus, please complete the contact form or give us a call.

If you would like an informal chat with a member of the Chemex team feel free to Contact Us.

After your initial enquiry we will invite you to our Discovery Day to give you full details of the opportunity. We do understand that at this stage you are just gathering information and that’s exactly what we’ll give you.

Prior to your securing a territory, Chemex will expect to see a business plan (we will help you put this together) and you will be invited back to our head office for an interview with the company’s directors.

Only after a thorough selection process do we decide that a franchise is to be awarded. It has to be right for us and for you. We then organise your induction course which covers the all aspects of the Chemex system and helps you develop your marketing and sales skills. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure.