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The cleaning and hygiene market in the UK is worth upwards of £3 billion. Furthermore with new legislation being constantly introduced it’s one that’s set to grow and grow.

 Can you spot a good opportunity when you see one?

You could be forgiven for looking at the latest fad or explosive new franchise opportunity. However, starting off with a bang can often mean coming back down to earth with a bump. There are plenty of here today and gone tomorrow, business ideas around but can you really spot a good opportunity when you see one?

At Chemex our long term objective is to help each and every one of our franchise partners to grow a valuable asset. Our aim for new franchisees is to help them create a business which they can ultimately sell for a profit when they decide to realise their investment.

Ask any Chemex franchisee about their business and they will tell you that Chemex is a well established market-leader and continues to strive for success within the numerous industries that it serves, and there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ Chemex franchisee. Each franchisee brings something different to the organisation and the clients that they serve.

Route to Success

Chemex is one of the UK’s longest established and most respected franchise opportunities but remember this is not a cleaning franchise. We supply cleaning and hygiene products and systems to industry via our franchise partners, and to our customers we’re in the reputation business, not the chemical industry.

Our network of franchised operators provides market-leading products, consultancy and training to customers across the UK, in Europe and beyond. Chemex offers a proven route to success, and if you have the drive, determination and people skills, we can offer the training, support and world-class products to build your own successful franchise. As our franchise, partners build relationships with local businesses their presence becomes established within the community they serve and their reputation grows.

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