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A key priority within any business should be the ongoing development of its team and that’s why we offer our franchise partners a continuing training and development programme to help them succeed. Initial residential training is reinforced with in-field exercises, additional training courses and bespoke learning opportunities. At Chemex we also recognise that learning can be accelerated through peer to peer relationships – which is why we run frequent regional events where you can look to your fellow franchisee for ideas.

What we Cover

Our comprehensive initial training package is designed to provide you with all the information you will need about the Chemex range of products. You will also learn how to manage your business and keep accurate records and accounts.

Our induction training is residential and lasts two weeks. Training takes place at our head office in the West Midlands. We cover business administration including territory management, technical, sales, hygiene control practices as well as marketing, prospecting and much more. Our support team will take you through every aspect of preparation for running your Chemex franchise. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure.

You will learn about Chemex system and our technical team will introduce you to the materials we use and the ancillary products that we provide for our customers. We need to ensure that you are competent in delivering our key products and services as well as explaining their benefits to customers.

Modules and Industries

Your sales and marketing training is broken down into specific areas such as catering, engineering and automotive. We also cover health care, laundry and the food sector in general. It is important that you recognise the opportunities in the market and that you acquire the knowledge with which to talk about the products and their benefits with your customers.

The business administration modules include accountancy, bookkeeping and an introduction to the Sage and ACT software packages. These are designed to help you understand your numbers, your customers and your pipeline of sales prospects.

Prior to attending a course, you are given a training workbook to help you prepare in advance of the course start date. There is a lot to learn in your classroom based induction course and your training does not end when the course is over. The next stage is to provide you with support and training in the field. OK, I’m interested. Let me fill out the form.