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We lead the market in our use of biological systems to perform complex cleaning tasks in an environmentally-friendly manner. For example, the concept of the Chemex Chemzyme range is very simple. It uses natural, friendly bacteria to perform cleaning tasks. The principle is exactly the same as using microorganisms to brew beer or wine, or to produce yoghurt, cheese or bread.

The difference here is that these natural, harmless bacteria, abundant in nature, are actually better at some very complex cleaning jobs where traditional chemicals fail. Using Chemzyme products to gently ‘reprogramme’ the natural ecosystem in, for example, a drain prone to blockages and foul odours is completely green.

What could be more natural than harnessing nature’s technology and using bacteria to literally ‘eat’ the dirt that chemicals can’t? For customers this reduces costs while dramatically improving the environmental impact of its operations. OK, I’m interested. I’d like to request a brochure.